Anthony Amon

Anthony Amon Legion Business Solutions, Inc. 1207 SE Rasmussen Blv Unit 101 Battleground, WA 928604
Senior Account Manager

Anthony Amon was born and raised in Cerritos California by his mother and grandfather. As a talented high school athlete, he quickly made the wrestling varsity team as a freshman. He wrestled all four years and graduated as a four time MVP champion and four time CIF placer, and three time Masters placer. After graduation, Anthony began training MMA and immediately fell in love with the sport and developed aspirations to one day become a UFC champion. In the meantime, he began working in the fast food industry. After only a couple of months he realized that it was not how he wanted to start his working career and ventured into sales and marketing. He landed a job at a sales firm in Orange County California, where he realized that helping people while making money was exactly what he enjoyed doing. He worked hard, never gave and received the opportunity to move to Washington as part of Legion Business Solutions, Inc.’s launch team. Since the launch, he has been promoted to Senior Account Manager and has goals to one day run a business of his own while pursuing his MMA career.

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